Orcas BroadFork

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Price: $240.00

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Prod. Code: 292

 Orcas Broadfork

We designed and had this broadfork made for us on Orcas Island. Strong tines and peavey handles make this broadfork the ultimate in an aerating tool. Six 11" steel tines with a strong square tubing crossbar.  Allows you to step on crossbar easily for deep penetration of tines.  Strong pipe sockets for peavey handles. Best Broadfork on the market– For those who like wood in your hands.

It is rustic... we do not paint our forks with any paint... so they come with a bit a oxidation already on... just from the environment. Width 18.5 " and overall is 56". 

We are currently out of stock of our broadfork..we are redesigning hopefully with different handles, though beefy, they were time consuming to put together.