Homestead Supplies & Tools

An Alternative General Store- Garden & Home


  Smith & Speed Mercantile is an alternative general store; a place to consciously choose products that are less harmful to us, our home, and our land. An old fashioned store for today's urban farmers.


Smith & Speed Mercantile grew out of 25 years of experience in the landscape trade and homesteading. We know what tools work and which don’t. We field test the tools we carry and can confidently guide you to the right tool for your need.

We live off the grid on Orcas Island.  We use candles to light and we use little fossil fuel on our farm. We do most of our farm tasks by hand. Whether it is using the broad fork to prepare our garden beds, or the one man cross cut saw to cut our firewood or the Austria hand hammered scythe blades with a curved wood handle to quietly lay down the grass in our field.  Having used all manner of powered equipment we are convinced it disturbs the peace within your land, your body and mind.

Our focus is on hand tools because we value the place a good hand tool holds as the conduit between man and nature. It allows us to create in the natural world. We think feeding your body good food, and the way it is achieved, is just as important.  The work with hand tools is another way of staying healthy- so you and the earth remains healthy- all prosper and benefit.

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