Standing around shootin the breeze

My Friend, Andy

 I have a friend who visits me everyday in the store. Different times of the day but most everyday. It ends up to be my most favorite time. He is 84, a long time local on Orcas and has become one of my good friends.  There has been many a time, when visitors have come in and said to Andy, " You were here the last time I was here."  That could have been a year ago or yesterday, but my friend Andy would have been here. 

We talk about everything ... local politics, gossip or just what is on our mind for the day.  Somedays we will chat for five minutes, others may last twenty minutes depending on the day.  No matter the length or what we talk about,  it ends usually like this...

 " I don't have time to bullshit with you all day, I have things to do."  With a smile Andy walks out the door on his way to who knows where.

He also like to  say, " I gotta do something even if it is wrong."... Just a day in the life of the store.

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Great website! Thank you!
I just made my first order with you guys. Saw you on Peak Moment TV. As something of a ludite myself I LOVE what you guys are about. I am FAR from you guys (Knoxville TN) and usually like to buy local, or more local, but there really isn't anyone near by who carries the stuff and the philosophy to go with that y'all do. Thank you so much. Peace. Frank
Received this link from my son, Bill Speed. Does your ancestry go back to England. My grandfather didn't speak much but he come over at an early age and orginal name was Speedwell.
Thanks for your email/ comment. I will have to check with my husband if the orginal name was Speedwell.